Third Party Event Policies

The events team at Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation is happy to help you get organized and offer guidance for your event from conception through execution. Your support will help the Toronto General & Toronto Western Hospitals continue their tradition of exemplary medical research and education: leading to enhanced patient care and, ultimately, cure for diseases.

Once your event has been approved, a TGWHF Event Coordinator will be assigned to you.
He/She will be a valuable resource to you during your event planning and execution.

The following list provides an overview of how TGWHF can assist you.

TGWHF can provide the following assistance:

  • Offer event planning advice/expertise
  • Discuss ideas and best practices
  • Provide resources: lists, templates and documents to assist you in planning and organizing a successful event
  • Issue tax receipts, if applicable (Please speak with your TGWH Foundation representative  on receipting before discussing with your attendees)
  • List your event on the TGWHF Events Calendar and link to your event website
  • List your event on Toronto events calendar(s)
  • Provide approval for the use of TGWHF name and/or logos
  • Provide a letter of support to validate the authenticity of your fundraising event
  • Offer representative(s) from the Events Department to attend your event (subject to availability)
  • Help to find a doctor/research representative from UHN to speak/attend the event (subject to availability)
  • List event in TGWHF publication Report on Your Support (ROYS) that is published twice a year – print and electronic (subject to timing and space availability)

TGWHF cannot provide the following assistance:

  • Provide funding or reimbursement for event expenses
  • Guarantee specific Foundation or hospital staff attendance and/or participation at your event
  • Apply for gaming licences or insurance
  • Provide mail/email lists of UHN donors, sponsors or patients
  • Share media contacts
  • Provide administrative help
  • Manage your revenue/expenses
  • Assistance with ticket sales and sponsorships

1. Finances

Third-party event finances are handled in the following manner: 

Event Organizers Administer Revenue and Expenses
Your event committee collects and deposits funds, processes credit card fees, reconciles accounts and pays event expenses.  When all revenue has been collected and expenses paid, a cheque is forwarded to our Foundation.

5% of total revenue will be directed to support research infrastructure.  

2. Tax Receipts

Please speak with your TGWHF representative on receipting before discussing with your attendees.

Official income tax receipts for your event will be provided in strict compliance with Canada Revenue Guidelines.  Tax receipts issued CANNOT exceed the amount of net funds submitted.

(i) Tax Receipts for Donations
The Foundation can issue tax receipts to those individuals or organizations that make a donation without receiving any benefit (product or other tangible item) in return.  Purchases of raffle tickets, admission tickets to events, green fees and silent or live auction items are NOT eligible for a tax receipt.

(ii) Tax Receipts for Tickets
In certain circumstances a partial tax receipt for admission may be issued. Organizers must determine the fair market value of any benefit their guests are receiving; such as dinner, alcohol and giveaways. The difference between this total and the fee charged to attend the event is considered the donation portion, and a tax receipt may be issued for that amount.  For example, if the fair market value of benefits a guest receives while attending a dinner dance totals $100, and the tickets cost $150, a tax receipt may be issued for $50.

  • The determined fair market value is subject to review by the Foundation and documentation is required to support the value. Canada Revenue requires that the fair market value, not the actual cost, be used when determining the donation portion.
  • The Fair market value must not exceed 80% of the ticket price
  • For tax receipts to be issued, a full accounting of event expenses and revenues must be forwarded to the Foundation following your event.

(iii) Gift In Kind Donations
Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation does not issue receipts for Gifts in Kind (GIK) to Third Party events.  Unfortunately the numerous and complex Canada Revenue Agency audit requirements preclude the Foundation from issuing these receipts.

3. Use of TGWHF Logo

The TG&WHF logo, and any other UHN logo or graphic design provided by the Foundation (upon request) may be used on your event letterhead and promotional materials. Prior to distribution, the Foundation must review and approve all material containing TGWHF/UHN logos to ensure adherence to established graphic standards.  TGWHF reserves the right, upon the discretion of the director of events, to decline the use of its logo in materials or publications that do not align with the Foundations’ values and/or mission.

4. Website

Our website allows event organizers to create their own webpage in order to solicit online donations for your event.  These sites will be templated and you can customize with your images etc.

* Any funds received through a TGWHF webpage will be deposited directly to the event fund. Once deposited, you will not have access to these funds to use for event expenses.

5. Publicity and Promotion

TGWHF can help promote your event in the following ways.

(i) TGWHF Website
All events are listed in the Events Calendar section on the Foundation website (   All signature and some third party events are also profiled on this site.

(ii) Social Media
TGWHF can post information and updates on the TGWHF Facebook page as well as on the TGWHF twitter account. 

(iii) Media
The TGWHF/UHN Public Affairs department does not become directly involved with contacting media for our third party events.

6. Permits, Licensing & Insurance

Event organizers are responsible for obtaining all permits, licensing and/or insurance if applicable. TGHWF staff can direct event organizers how and where to apply.