The Vision Campaign

The life-altering consequences of vision loss are profound – loss of mobility, social isolation, emotional distress and the loss of independence – are examples of how families are touched by vision loss.

Approximately 20,000 Canadians join the ranks of the visually impaired every year. This number will continue to rise at an increasingly high rate as our population ages. Given normal life expectancy, 60 per cent of Canadians will develop cataracts, 40 per cent will develop macular degeneration and millions will need glasses to read.

The Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute is home to world-leading vision specialists and scientists. We are raising over $30 million to give them the tools and assistance they to treat eye disease and vision loss

To find out more about our campaign, please contact:

Teca Mussio
Principal Gift Manager, Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute
T: 416-603-5220 | F: 416-603-6224
E: [email protected]

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