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The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre Campaign

Heart disease impacts the lives of millions of Canadians and represents a major economic and societal burden around the world. There is good news: We are fixing broken hearts.

For 20 years, the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre has been at the forefront of innovation, discovering newer and better ways to care for patients with heart disease. Now, we are raising $250 million to transform the future of cardiovascular care in bigger ways than ever before. Thanks to a $100-million gift from Peter and Melanie Munk – the largest gift to a single Canadian hospital in history – we are well on our way to reaching our goal.

But we still need your help to transform the future of cardiovascular care. Here’s what that future looks like:

  • Developing a digital cardiovascular health platform: By partnering with the Vector Institute, we will use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help guide decisions and to advance biomedical research.
  • Determining the best treatments for patients with heart disease: By leading a worldwide clinical research network, we will improve our understanding of heart disease and accelerate the development of new treatments.
  • Delivering personalized medicine: By making treatment decisions based on an individual’s genetic makeup, we will deliver the right treatment, at the right time, to every patient.
  • Training future leaders: By sharing our knowledge, we will educate the healthcare leaders of tomorrow from Canada and around the globe.

Read about this and more in the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre’s 2020 annual report. Available online here, the report highlights our team’s unremitting focus on innovation and our continued leadership in the development, application and evaluation of life-saving therapies that improve heart and vascular health.

For more information on the campaign, please contact:

Shauna Seabrook
Senior Campaign Director, Peter Munk Cardiac Centre Campaign
T: 416-340-4945
E: [email protected]

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